Going Green in the Kitchen

In Kitchens on February 3, 2010 at 3:56 pm

Yeah, I mean in the literal sense of the word.  The color green.  I have been told this is all the fad right now on cabinets, and yet I cringe just a little because I am not a huge fan of the color.  But being an interior designer, I decided to open my mind and seek out some green kitchens that I think are done in good taste.  Here goes.

Fun and Casual Kitchen

Ok, this one is fun and fresh and I like the fact that it isn't ALL green. Great color concept for a beach home.

So I saw this one in Domino several months back. A designer's own home. I have to say, he's done it in a way that makes me no longer despise this particular shade of green. Really sexy.

Not only the cabinetry, but the paneled walls in green too. I really think that's what makes this kitchen amazing. Even I could live in it. Please?

Now let’s be honest with ourselves.  Unless you have a green addiction and your whole family does too, and you don’t plan on selling your house (ever), then green cabinetry is probably a huge mistake.  But you can still get your fix in a less permanent way, like in the examples below.

The cabinets are done in timeless white but some fun shades of green are on the walls and on the glass. Awesome and fresh!

Just have a green island! Kitchens are so fun when done in two shades, and in this way, the island can be changed out for another color in the future fairly easily.

So, I hope that this post has helped or hindered some of you planning on going green (literally).  We’ve seen that it can be done tastefully and professionally, in some pretty amazing kitchens, but it’s definitely not for everyone, and probably not for me.


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