Eco-‘Green’ in the Kitchen

In Kitchens on February 22, 2010 at 11:56 pm

Ok, so after posting all of those lovely photos of green kitchens, I’m taking the figurative side of things, with some photos of ‘green’ kitchens (meaning environmentally sound).

The first residence in the Southeast to win certification by the U. S. Green Building Council's Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design for Homes project

In kitchen, Lyptus cabinet doors on island with countertop of Silestone quartz; other counters in granite. Backsplash made of limestone. François & Co. cast-stone hood with Gothic detailing. Faucetry by Grohe. Thermador appliances. Wm Ohs cabinetry; boxes made of wood and pressed hay. Leather stools by Four Hands. Chandelier by Erin O’Brien. Limestone floor by Walker Zanger (Taken from by Wendy Goodman).

Custom bathroom lyptus cabinet

Lyptus wood is beautiful and eco-friendly. Love it!

Lyptus wood is harvested from trees that grow quickly instead of slow-growth forests.  It is a great substitute for woods like cherry, mahogany, and walnut.  And in the same price range, too.  Most people don’t know about this wood or they would use it more often.  I think it is more appealing than cherry anyway, and cherry is currently the most popular cabinet species!

Concrete Flooring

So if you are ok with cold hard floors that are a cinch to clean, and you are wanting to go ‘green’, use concrete.  You can also incorporate radiant heat if you are concerned about the cold.  It has quite a modern and minimalist look, I myself favor….

Cork Flooring in Country Living

Cork flooring has to be one of the best floor materials out there.  It is warm, resilient, beautiful, comes in a wide range of colors, and it environmentally sound.  Plus it is not very expensive and is fairly easy to install.

Energy Star Appliances

Energy-Star appliances are pretty easy to come by these days, so there is not much of an excuse not to use them.  They will save water, electricity, and energy so your utility bills will be lower too.  Most brands carry an energy-efficient line of appliances.


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