What’s your design style? Part II

In Uncategorized on June 2, 2010 at 4:14 pm

Part II for finding your design style…. or mix of several design styles.  I, for instance, am leaning toward Mid-Century Modern Cottage with Oriental and Vintage Retro influences.  Equally mixed, that would be Eclectic!

Mid-Century Modern: 1950s-60s Post-war style that called for open spaces, modern living.

Minimalist: Only the essentials. Less is more.

Modern: uses the most high tech products and materials and square lines.

Oriental: Draws from Chinese, Japanese influences.

Zen: finding peace and balance in a space from Japanese values of simplicity and assymetry.

Shabby Chic: the flea market side of decor.

Southwestern: influence from Arizona, New Mexico deserts. Often includes Rustic and Spanish elements.

Spanish: plentiful use of terracotta tiles, wooden beams, and wrought iron with warm color palette.

Victorian: Opulent decorative style where more is better. Brocades, velvets, tufting, patterns, etc, etc.

Whimsical: Fun and fanciful. The painting and chair covers in this room really add that whimsical effect.

Well that’s all for now folks.  Subscribe to my feed for more interesting design articles in the future. Add a comment below on which design styles you think you are and if this has been helpful reading. Thanks for reading!

Andrea Pack


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